Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The last event with Moses, I LOVE YOGA, was phenomenal! He brought love and light and some awesome threads to Lake Worth.

This is a break down of how your donations can help...... from Shanti Uganda.....

$15 - One birth kit including everything a birthing woman needs for a safe, clean and empowered birth

$125 - Provide 25 teen girls with reusable menstrual pads and increase their chances of going to school.

$250 - Purchase a sewing machine and supplies for one woman to join Shanti Uganda's Income Generating Group

$300 - A midwife's salary for one month

$500 - Build a community chicken coop and supply pregnant women with eggs to improve their nutritional intake and reduce the maternal mortality rates associated with poor nutrition.

$1000 - Build a small water catchment system

$1000 - Covers the cost of our university scholarship program for one year

$10,000 - Supply the Birth House and entire community with running water

$15,000 - Purchase an emergency transport vehicle to transfer birthing women with complications from the Birth House to the nearby hospital

$50,000 - Build a birth house and save the lives of thousands of pregnant women and babies.

Shanti Uganda is one of the many organizations that will be implementing projects in Uganda.

The Next event...........

September 25th....Friday evening @ Bindu Yoga in WPB

Movie night and vegetarian or vegan pot luck.

The movie presented is titled Shadow.

All money donated at the door will go to OFF THE MAT INTO THE WORLD. for more info.

kick back, relax, and make a difference!

more events to can always contact me for info on any event or classes.

peace, love, light, unity, passion.......shanti oooooooommmmmm