Wednesday, March 11, 2009



This is the start to an exciting new journey. I am deeply passionate about this cause and have a strong connection to its! There are so many families and individuals that need our help. By raising this money there will opportunities for children to have a new school to attend, which the closest one is over a mile away. There will be a center built that will house a mid wife clinic as well as a teaching facility. There will be an organic farm and a water well put into place. All of these additions, and so much more, will be provided by the donations and the participants that achieve the goal of raising $20,000.

I hope to travel to Uganda and use my own hands to build the school, farm, and empower these beautiful people. While I am there I too will learn the tools to come back to our home and bring awareness to our community. This is the first step on a life time journey. As a yoga teacher I serve my students with knowledge and compassion and I hope to continue deepening that gift for the rest of my life.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful opportunity and stay tuned for some exciting events!

Namaste, Andrea


Josh said...

you are doing a wonderful thing. i am very proud of you. good luck!!!!

Pilates of Palm Beach said...

What a great cause! Best of luck!

marisa said...

An inspiration to our community, thank you for bringing this cause to our awareness. Please keep us updated on events. Cheers!!