Monday, July 13, 2009


Set an intention for your day, for your practice, for your life.

I strive to live up to my intentions everyday. They are ever changing and range from giving all of my heart to taking a deep breath while driving!

My intentions for the past 7 months have included spreading the word for Off the Mat Into the World.

There is a courageous community of people living in Uganda. They live everyday with unimaginable obstacles and still bring laughter and joy to their lives.

People in Northern Africa live on about $1 a day.

We can and are making a huge difference in these lives. Awareness and education about HIV and Aids will be more available with the programs that are being created with our donations.

Our donations are what they need to educate their community and have safe birthing practices for mothers with HIV/Aids.

I am passionate about the practice of Yoga and the strength that the community can bring to others.

Please help me in raising my goal of $20,000 by December 15th 2009.

If I reach this goal I will go to Uganda and work with these amazing organizations and the well deserving people of Uganda.

to donate visit:
go to the Seva Challenge page and click on the Donate Now link

please choose my name in the drop down menu: Andrea Pepper

August 8th 2009 @ Gyrotonic Satnam

A full day of yoga, partners yoga, childrens yoga, and community.

Starts at 8:30 and ends at 5:30.

Classes by donation, all donations benefit Off the Mat Into the World.

Contact me with any questions:

Peace, Love, Unity, Gratitude,
Shanti Om,

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