Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YOGATHON @ Gyrotonic Satnam

Saturday, August 8th....a day of Yoga!


8:30-9:00am Sunrise Stretch Yoga with Jill: set your

intention for the day!

9-10:00am Gyrokinesis with Oblio: a total body conditioning and balancing system of movements that encourage the body to stay open and strong.

10-11:15am Kundalini Yoga with Ashleigh: this dynamic form of yoga uses mvmt, sound current, breath and meditation to relax and heal your mind and body.

11:30-12pm Kids and Teen Massage, Hand to Heart with Rachel: an interactive, fun workshop promoting and incorporating the benefits of wanted, healthy, nurturing touch on your child.

12-1pm Vinyasa Flow with Sara: moving from one pose to another fluently in a flowing mvmt and in conjuction with the breath.

1-2pm Hatha Flow with Andrea: We will bring the body, mind, and breath together while connecting with our spirit. Giving an intention and purpose to our practice as we flow from one pose to the next.

2-3pm Kids and Teen Yoga with Massage with Rachel and Andrea: We will discover new ways to use yoga poses with stories, games and toys in a creative manner with our kids as well as amongst themselves.

3-4pm Partners Yoga with Andrea: Invite a friend to learn a new set of fun poses that encourage balance, resistance training, and laughter!

4:15-5:30 Yin Yoga and Meditation w/singing bowls with Asleigh: This class gently stretches the tissues that form our joints. It prepares the mind for a calm meditation practice cultivating more awareness and presence in your life.

Organic tea will be served.

All classes by donation: all donations to.....

Off the Mat Into the World!

Thank you Gyrotonic Satnam!

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