Monday, August 10, 2009


The Yogathon was a beautiful day!

Full of compassion, children, laughter, and some great yoga!
We raised another $2500! A huge step towards the goal of $20,000. Beyond the the most important part of this whole experience. The sense of community and support on Saturday warmed my heart and really let our true colors shine.

I can't thank everyone enough who came and gave with their hearts. Regardless of the money, we sent a huge amount of positive energy to the people of Uganda and to people who may be suffering anywhere.

We set our intention to make a difference and we have. Big or small isn't the question......every little step is part of the journey!

There is another event on September 2nd at the Soma Center in Lake Worth. We will offer a by onation yoga class and we will also be having an I LOVE YOGA trunk show! Moses, the guru of I LOVE YOGA, will be making a stop to us on his Green Bus Tour. check it out:

See you at the next event.

Shanti OM, peace, untiy,


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